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A note from The Ice Man......
Posted on Dec 4th, 2014

Hard to believe but we had a November 15th start to our skating season!...earliest start in BMS history.  With the help of our committed skating committee members we cleared away the snow and strapped on he skates before Thanksgiving! Anybody that wants to help us with the ice maintenance and be included on the broadcast email with updates please let me know by emailing me at tomyetzer@msn.com.
A few important announcements:
  1. No kids should ever skate on the lake without adult supervision.
  2. With our mild winter weather, when we are over 40 degrees, we need to stop laying by 10:00 am to preserve the ice.
  3. All equipment must be removed from the ice before leaving and the ice needs to be shoveled off by the last participants.
Thank you to everyone that has helped us maintain the ice and special thanks to the Amman and Acre families for their cooperation and support.  Last, thank you Mother Nature for giving us the cold winter weather to allow us to enjoy our outdoor winter activities!
Tom Yetzer (aka The Ice Man)